Our History

More than 15 years have passed since we, Roberto and Amedeo Onofrio, created our own company and fuel distributor. It hasn’t been easy, but with passion, dedication and sacrifice, we managed to overcome the most difficult challenges and created a multifunctional service area that is unique in its kind.

In 2003 the R.O.A. service station, in which our partner Antonio Pellegrino later joined, was founded. But we wanted something more than just a rest and service area. For this reason, in 2011, collaborating with our architect Stefano Sanfilippo, we started planning this fantastic structure with the aim of creating a unique, futuristic and service-rich restaurant.

Over the years we have dreamed of creating a unique, futuristic and service-rich restaurant. On 16th June 2018, we finally inaugurated our multifunctional service area, GRUPPO ROA, which is located on the highway n. 372 Telesina, an important road artery that crosses the valley of the same name.

Then and Now

A history of passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that began in the past and projected into the future.