Why a white pump?

Our distributor is only a white pump, an independent gasoline outlet. Despite being an unbranded distributor, it’s characterised by fuel quality. The white pump, indeed, involves less costs for us and many more advantages and savings for you! Therefore, the petrol of the pumps is cheaper because the supplier and the producer, lacking the costs related to visibility, pay less. It’s not the only source of savings, because the implants are of the do-it-yourself kind and this means additional costs both for you and for us! The more we save, the more you save!

In addition, here at the GRUPPO ROA you can find an automatic GPL/LPG dispenser h24, which is very rare in Italy!


The AdBlue® service is a solution composed of 32.5% of high-purity urea and 67.5% of demineralised water. It is used to control greenhouse gas emissions in fuel vehicles with an SCR system (selective catalytic reduction).

SCR technology allows the reduction, mandatory by law, of exhaust emissions and, at the same time, the optimization of engine functions in terms of performance and savings in maintenance and assistance.

The system requires AdBlue® reagent which is sprayed through the appropriate injector in the exhaust system.

The high temperature converts AdBlue® into carbon dioxide and ammonia; the latter is the active substance of the chemical process that takes place within the SCR catalytic system, which converts the harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

The percentage of AdBlue® that a vehicle needs varies depending on the litres of fuel consumed. In any case, an indicator integrated into the on-board computer will signal the progressive approach of the next refuelling.

Fuel station services

  • 6 diesel dispensers
  • 6 petrol dispensers
  • 2 Adblue dispensers
  • 1 GPL/LPG dispenser H24
  • 30 parking spaces
  • 6 fridge parking spaces
  • Bancomat and credit cards and payment systems DKW, UTA, FAISERVICE, GASOLIO24, DIESEL24.
  • Free Wi-Fi